Port Agents & Husbandry Services

Our experience and presence in all commercial ports of Uruguay allows us to attend all types of vessels in a safe, effective and professional way.

These are some of the activities that our team provides 24/7 service:

  • Arrival & Dispatch Ships
  • Berth requests
  • Pilotage & Tugs Services
  • Crew Change
  • Cash to Master
  • Spare parts delivery and clearance
  • Medical Services
  • Bunkers Supply
  • Provisions and fresh water
  • Clearance of ships (Inward/outward)


Since 2005 PIL has been operating in Uruguay with Christophersen as general agent.

Founded in 1967, Pacific International Lines (PIL) has evolved from its beginnings as a “coastal ship-owner/operator” in Singapore to one of the largest ship owners in South East Asia, focusing its services on the Asia-Africa, Middle East, Oceania and Latin America trades. Today PIL has been positioned as one of the TOP 10 ship owners among the world’s leading containership operators, offering services with container and multipurpose vessels to more than 500 ports in 100 countries.


We started our operations in 1978, and since then we have been official distributors of ANCAP for foreign flag vessels.

We deliver marine gas oil (MGO) and VLSFO. This service is provide in Montevideo`s port as well as in other ports of Uruguay and areas of “Río de la Plata” enabled for this purpose, such as the Service Zone, the Alpha Zone and Delta Zone. These deliveries are made by pipeline, by ship, or by trucks.


The Back Office unit arises from the need of international companies to optimize resources and centralize processes in an external unit, allowing companies to focus on strategic activities.

Our way of working
According to the business model and requirements of each company, we define the scope of services and resources needed.
The management and procedures indicators, together with the experience of our team, are the basis for achieving efficiencies and carrying out successful work.

The areas of work of the Back Office service are:

  • Administrative and Financial Processes
  • Operational and Documentary Processes

Administrative and Financial Processes

  • Settlement of assets
  • Follow-up of accounts receivable
  • Payment to suppliers
  • Accounting/financial reporting

Operational and Documentary Processes

  • Coordinate with agents the documentary and operational aspects of import/export
  • Attention and sending of information to clients
  • Print documentation to present to PNN and ANP
  • Transmit documentation to Customs
  • Prepare dangerous goods forms to be submitted to PNN and ANP.
  • Manually enter documentation into internal system and transmit to customs.
  • Receive shipment declarations and load them into the system.
  • Management and permanent contact with shipping lines, airlines and corresponding
  • Invoice and collect for the release of shipments.
  • Prepare management reports

Benefits of contracting Back Office services

  • Reduction of fixed costs-Professionalization of management
  • Budget fixation and predictability
  • Optimization of resources (staff, inputs, structure)
  • Administration based on processes and management indicators


The Paraná-Paraguay Waterway is one of the most important hub of economic integration in South America.

It begins in the municipality of Cáceres, in Mato Grosso, and runs for 3,442 km, ending in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay.

Its area of influence is approximately 5 million km2, and includes a population close to 70 million inhabitants.

The growing demand for food and raw materials, accompanied by rising prices, has driven the exploitation of new areas within the countries, forcing producers to turn their attention to other means of transport, including river transport.

Uruguay has a strategic location and participation in the Waterway, offering its port and logistics infrastructure as a gateway for millions of tons of products.

CHRISTOPHERSEN provides integral services in transshipment operations to/from Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina.

As part of CHR Group we have the advantage of integrating equipment and infrastructure for handling all types of cargo (grains, wood, project cargo, fertilizers, etc.), which need to be moved in the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway, and in the transshipment ports offered by Uruguay.


Project cargo is a logistic activity that requires a high level of specialization, where the analysis of the goods, risk assessment and knowledge in specialized transport is decisive.

For more than 15 years we have been providing solutions for international transport and the movement of industrial plants, wind farms, heavy loads and all types of oversized goods.

“Agencia Marítima Christophersen”, as part of the CHR Group, has a technical and operational team with extensive experience, being able to provide Port Operator services through the group’s member companies. The working team has been close to port operations and has participated in the most relevant productive projects in the country in the last decades, such as:

Cellulose Plants, Hydrocarbon Exploration, Wind Farms, Rails, Agricultural Machinery, Shipbuilding.